Five Task Management Tips for Small Business Owners

Task Management Tips

Whether you run a full-time or side business, the growing list of things that need to get completed can be overwhelming.

Effective task management skills are essential to achieving the goals you’ve set for your business.  To increase productivity, check out the list of tips for managing tasks:

  1. Write down your list of things to accomplish
    Whether you use an online system like TaDa Lists, Outlook tasks, or good old paper and pen, make a list of everything that needs to get done. Clearly identifying what needs to get done can help you develop a plan of approach. Recognize the fact that this list can change hourly or daily, so be flexible.
  2.  Prioritize
    Although your list of tasks can seem daunting, take a moment to prioritize based on what you need to accomplish to help build or grow your business. Determine which tasks are important and which ones are urgent. Take care of the urgent tasks first then move on to the important ones.
  3.  Get organized
    Running a business can come with numerous little pesky tasks that may not help your bottom line but need to be done. Get your office organized. Use color-coded folders, keep frequently used files in an easy-to-access place while moving the rest to your file cabinet, or scan documents to make them available on your computer for easy access.
  4. Create work blocks or dedicated time slots for productivity
    I’ve learned that anything and everything will come up when I need to get something done. Identify a day and time to work on important tasks. Block the time off as “busy” in your calendar, and tell others you are unavailable to minimize interruptions.
  5. Get Real
    You’re human! Try to eliminate stress and realize that you can’t do everything. Don’t neglect the important things in your life like friends and family. My mama always says — the work will still be there even when I’m long gone.