About Rochelle

Rochelle RobinsonI’m a business & wealth advisor focused on business and personal finance solutions. I work with small businesses offering strategic financial management solutions. I help individuals develop a practical financial plan to meet their unique financial goals. As a financial writer, I write dynamic content breaking down the complexity of various financial topics.

Business Services
Being a serial entrepreneur, I learned that proper financial management can be the difference between success or bankruptcy. Small business owners are often passionate about their service or skills, but may lack the time or ability to ensure proper back-end management, plan and pay taxes, or focus on the overall financial wellness of their business.  I work with small businesses in a variety of areas including bookkeeping, operations analysis and management, and tax planning and preparation.

Personal Finance
After witnessing a family member lose their business and become overwhelmed with confusing tax debt – I decided to pursue my passion and make an official career transition from information technology into financial planning and wealth building. As I spoke with people about their current financial issues, I encountered many people that were the first in their family to achieve financial success and had no guide on how to manage or grow their finances. I am proud to help individuals improve their financial literacy,  understand their current financial situation and create financial plans to increase their wealth.

Tax Preparation & Planning
As a society, we are all obligated to pay our fair share of taxes for the greater good of our community. Due to the complexity of today’s tax laws, it can be frustrating and often taxpayers are leaving their well-earned money on the table. I work with small businesses and individuals to ensure they are taking the appropriate credits and deductions, and paying quarterly taxes, and properly planning to minimize their annual tax liability.

Financial Writer
Creating original content is my way of sharing what I’ve learned in hopes of helping others. As a Financial Writer, I write original content breaking down complex financial topics. I write various publications including SCORE, a resource partner for the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

I have a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland. I currently reside in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington D.C., with my husband and a very spoiled Cocker Spaniel. When I’m not working on building wealth, you can find me upcycling or restoring something from a local flea market.

Combining my education and work experience, I welcome you to explore my personal site that addresses a variety of financial topics for small businesses and individuals. Using online guides, webinars, and seminars, I share resources focused on improving financial literacy, sharing financial planning tips, and promoting entrepreneurship.

Take a look around and feel free to contact me if you’d like to work together or have questions. I’d love to hear from you!



Rochelle Linae Robinson is a business and wealth advisor, financial writer, and tax consultant. She works with small businesses to improve their internal operations, financial outlook, and minimize taxes. She works with individuals providing personal finance counseling to improve financial literacy, promote entrepreneurship, and improve overall wealth. Rochelle is the Founder & CEO of Wealthidian, a financial management firm providing business and personal finance solutions. She holds a degree in Computer Studies and serves as a trainer for financial literacy courses helping thousands of women achieve financial success. She currently resides in Northern Virginia, outside of Washington D.C., with her husband and a very spoiled Cocker Spaniel. When she’s not working on building wealth, you can find her upcycling or restoring something from a local flea market.